Have you ever wanted to float on a Lilypad

by | Oct 4, 2023 | Just A Minute

Did you ever dream of floating on a lily pad? This plant can make your dreams come true. Victoria boliviana is now the world’s largest known waterlily species, with leaves that can grow almost ten feet wide in the wild and can support at least 176 pounds, The giant lily is found in freshwater rivers, ponds and floodplains in northeastern Bolivia. the newly-described species occurs only in the flood plains of Bolivia. Specimens of the new species had been hiding in plain site undiscovered at Kew botanical garden for 177 years and in the National Herbarium of Bolivia for 34 years. Because it was mistaken for another species. Giant waterlilies bloom, and turn from white to pink at night. Kew is the only place where all three species of giant Water Lily — “amazonica”, “cruziana” and now “boliviana” — can be seen side by side.