What do Pop Tarts and Gaines Burgers have in common?

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What do Pop-Tarts and Gaines Burgers have in common?
Shelf Stable serendipity!

In 1961 Post’s Pet division debuted Gaines Burgers the very first shelf stable soft food for dogs , not needing refrigeration to stay fresh and ready to eat
This innovation inspired Post’s product engineers to create a shelf stable pastry for humans. Why not , right?
This product- Country Squares, was held up in production and
Kelloggs jumped the line in front of Post, introducing Fruit Scones to market first.
After changing the name to Pop-Tarts in a nod to the Pop Art movement of the time, ( get it)the product took off!
Hence, the creation of Gaines Burgers inspired the much beloved Pop-Tart.

I mean C’mon…
Both are a favorite Go To breakfast delight
One for our furry best friends, and One for Humans

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