THOMAS’ English muffin- YUM

by | Oct 4, 2023 | Just A Minute

This is an English Muffin. And Though we do have an Englishman to thank for these breakfast favs, Samuel Bath Thomas, who was a British immigrant, this American favorite was created in New York in 1894. Small, round, and flat, English Muffins are not actually a muffin, but a relative to the English crumpet, and Thomas originally did call his creation a Toaster Crumpet. But crumpets and English muffins are very different, English muffins have more of a bread-like texture, while crumpets have a spongy texture. And the English Muffin recipe is a closely guarded secret! Just How secret is the recipe? The company that owns the Thomas’ brand says that only seven people know how the muffins get their trademark nooks and crannies, and has gone to court to keep a tight lid on the secret It seems employees only possess the information
directly relevant to their assigned task “and very few employees, possess ALL of the recipe information to produce an English Muffin!