Titan Arum, Corpse flower

by | Oct 4, 2023 | Just A Minute

What looks like raw meat and smells like a dead rat? A corpse Flower of course. Native to Sumatra, Corpse Flowers also known as Titan Arum, open when it’s warm. I’m guessin’ the heat makes them smell that much better. The Corpse Flowers entire game plan is based on deception, it’s not a flower, and it’s not a rotting dead animal, but it simulates both When the plant is ready to flower, a stalk starts to grow out of the soil, once it reaches 4-10 feet a red “skirt” unfurls. Though this seems to be a petal, it’s actually a modified leaf called a spathe. Deep red and glistening, it looks like a raw steak… noice…. The Titan Arum’s actual flowers and hopefully pollination, happen deep within the plant. As the female flowers become ready to be pollinated the corpse flower starts to pulse out it’s stench, attracting insects that usually lay their eggs on animal carcasses, carrion flies and beetles…they climb around, and eventually leave hopefully covered in pollen to carry to another receptive plant…. and so it goe.