Live Action Dubbing: Are Humans being replaced?

by | Nov 30, 2023 | Visual Voiceover Reel

Live Action Dubbing.

Traditional In studio Human voice dubbing is a craft that is sadly being threatened with AI dubbing.
“Dubbing” refers to the process of replacing the original audio track of a film or TV show with a translated version in a different language.
This gives the viewer the choice to watch the show in the original language with subtitles, or in their native language.
Subs or Dubs.
I am a professional Dub Voice Actor who works in voice dubbing content from different countries, into American English.

Who knows how much longer voice actors will Dubbing voiceover to work in.

Live Action Dubbing is a relatively new area of work for me, my very first Dubbing Job was in 2019. And since then I have worked on many projects for Netflix, HBOMax, Paramount+ and Amazon Prime to name some platforms.

The Dub directors I work with are tops in their field, patiently and thoroughly setting the scene for their voice actor, then making sure we have a first look through, and then we are off !!! There are no rehearsals in Voice Dubbing.
Recording to picture, matching the on screen actors energy, performance and Lip Flap.
Rewrites happen on the fly to make the performances fit smoothly, It can be meticulous and time consuming work,

Did I mention that it’s fun!?

Never knowing what kind of scene awaits as I step into the recording space.
I could be an fervent Pastor guiding her flock.
A mother who has just learned she has lost her adult son in a night club fire.
The Major of a town full of religious zealots, who unexpectedly gets a bucket of blood tossed on her as she is giving a speech.
Or even a warehouse night security guard who laughs at odd and inappropriate times…
You just never know.
Working in dubbing is sometimes exhausting but always exhilarating!

For now, as we advocate for our government to legislate protections for humans I will continue to enjoy the challenge and the joy of working on these amazing projects with so many amazing people.
And share with you my new Live action Dubbing reel that has taken me far to long to put together!

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