Coulrophobia is a fear of clowns. Some experts believe that one in 10 people are afraid of clowns. Some of the symptoms associated with Coulrophobia ARE Fast breathing and heart rate. An intense feeling of terror. read more…

Titan Arum, Corpse flower

What looks like raw meat and smells like a dead rat? A corpse Flower of course. Native to Sumatra, Corpse Flowers also known as Titan Arum, open when it’s warm. I’m guessin’ the heat makes them smell that much better. read more…

The Plumbata

The Plumbata was a type of war dart originating in Greece in 500 BC, Around 300 AD, it was used by the Roman armies to harass enemies from a distance. read more…

Just a Minute with Paula Tiso

Did you ever stop to think that delving into new knowledge can actually boost happiness levels? It’s true! Engaging in the process of learning triggers the release of those delightful happiness-inducing chemicals in our brains.

Join Paula Tiso in this captivating video series where you’ll embark on a journey of discovery. Not only will you become a more intriguing and well-rounded individual with your newly learned fun facts, but you’ll also have a treasure trove of fascinating topics to spark conversations at gatherings. And while we might be exaggerating just a bit, who knows, you might find, with Paula’s help that  you’re the most captivating person at your next get together.